The M11S portable music player from FiiO is compact and reasonably priced compared to its competitors, such as Astell & Kern, which provide large and pricey alternatives.

When you think about the M11S’s features, connection choices, and build and finish quality, it’s difficult to escape the feeling that the M11S is virtually a bargain.

Pricing and Release Date of the FiiO M11S.

Fiio M11S

The FiiO M11S was released in January 2023 and cost $499 / £489 / around AU$799. The M11S is bulky by smartphone standards but noticeably small and handy by portable music player standards.

It weighs 271g (9.6 oz) and has dimensions of 125 x 74 x 19mm (4.9 x 2.9 x 0.7 inches). These figures, while not insignificant, are brief in the context of media players. It is equally noteworthy how well the M11S was constructed and finished.

The frame is made of machined aluminum and has just enough non-parallel sides to be (somewhat) intriguing.

While the front is made of glass and has a tempered glass screen protector installed by the manufacturer, the back is perfect plastic. The FiiO looks like a high-end product since everything fits together perfectly, and there are no unsightly exposed bolt heads or anything else.

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Everything About the speed of the FiiO M11S

Fiio M11S

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 660, a controller found in FiiO’s flagship DAP M17, is a 14nm, 2.2GHz chip with 8 Kyro cores, making the M11S incredibly fast for a DAP of its size.

The Snapdragon 660 is still a strong and well-liked option that successfully combines performance and battery efficiency despite being introduced in 2017. With 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM, the M11S can work incredibly smoothly and react to swipe motions quickly.

In addition, the M11S supports WiFi 5G and Bluetooth 5.0, allowing customers to benefit from quick wireless connections with minimal delays. WiFi is speedy for both web browsing and file transfers.

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FiiO M11S’ Overall Performance and Design.

Fiio M11S
AV Watch

To fit a vast 5″, 1280720 laminated IPS screen on its faceted CNC-ed shell, FiiO has reduced the size of the M11S from the M11 Plus ESS while maintaining the button arrangement.

The size is ideal for the grip, and right-handed and left-handed users will find the button arrangement user-friendly. The M11S has an exposed slot on the right side, allowing a quick card change, in contrast to other FiiO players with a “sim-card tray” card slot.

A basic glass panel that complements the steel structure can be found on the rear, often covered beneath the case. This is a sensible choice to reduce the cost of the aesthetics, given the location and price point.

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Pros of the FiiO M11S

Fiio M11S
Headphone Zone

Superb materials, craftsmanship, and attention to detail
extremely rapid response time
Elegant and user-friendly Interface, with intuitive button arrangement
broad, airy, and deep sound field
Excellent wireless capabilities, perhaps the best quantity of micro-details
With a gentle musical treatment, it is very neutral.
good transients and attacks
inexpensive as compared to total performance

Cons Of FiiO M11S

Fiio M11S
Sound Essentials

ROM memory is limited to 32GB.
Need a more forceful sub-bass slam.

Batteries for FiiO M11S

Fiio M11S

The M11S supports QC4.0 rapid charge and charges its 5300mAh battery in about 3 hours. In high gain tests with 32 load and lossy files, the M11S achieves more than 14 hours of playback times thanks to the improved DAC and amplifier circuitry.

The playback time is reduced by about 40% while playing lossless recordings on the same level, which is more than enough for everyday commutes.


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